6 Hot Trends in Basement Finishing Design For 2020

New design ideas and trends in basement finishing are constantly emerging, making the world of basement finishing endlessly exciting! The possibilities are virtually limitless for transforming your lower level into the beautiful, functional living space of your dreams. If you’re considering refinishing your basement in 2020, you’ll want to be aware of the newest, hottest basement finishing design trends. Keep reading for 6 fresh and exciting ideas you can incorporate into your 2020 basement finishing project!

1. Keep It Open

Open-concept basement spaces have been popular for quite a while, and this remains a strong trend in 2020. Open-concept design allows for an easy flow through the basement area and makes the space feel huge. An open-concept basement also allows for and encourages creative use of the space! Let your imagination run wild! 

2. Home Theater Vs Traditional Entertainment Area

An enclosed home theater, as opposed to the classic living room with TV option, is hot in 2020! A home theater is it’s own enclosed room, complete with a big movie screen, light control, theater sound, theater seats, and even a popcorn machine. Make TV and movie viewing a truly memorable experience with a basement home theater. 

3. Wine Rooms are Cool

Wine rooms and cellars are a hot trend in 2020, and the technology that controls temperature and moisture levels for optimal wine aging has never been better! Our team at Basement Finishing Colorado are experts at designing and building the best wine rooms for your collection!

4. Bars Made for Home-BrewingHome-brewing of beer

, cider, and kombucha, as well as at-home wine-making, are fun trends for 2020! Let us design and set-up the perfect bar for brewing, aging, and storing your own beverages, right in the comfort of your own basement!

5. Strategic Storage Spaces

New ideas are constantly emerging on how to optimize small or awkward corners of your basement for beautifully organized storage. One exciting 2020 basement design trend is using the space under your basement stairs creatively to organize even the messiest of storage situations. And this isn’t the only space that can be optimized for storage! The options for creative organization are endless!

6. Treating Your Basement As Home

Traditionally, basements have often been overlooked as dusty, dark, unfinished spaces for doing laundry or storing old boxes. That way of thinking is out! In 2020, basements are an exciting extension of your beautiful home, and they deserve the same planning and design, beauty and function as the rest of the house! 

Contact Basement Finishing Colorado today to discuss your basement finishing needs! We are happy to talk with you in more detail about current basement finishing design trends and options. We can begin working on a plan for your project today!

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