Choosing Paint: Colors for Every Mood

Are you looking to create a certain mood or feeling in your basement living room? The paint color you choose will make all the difference in this effort. The color of the walls around you affects you every day, whether you realize it or not. They can reflect your personality, create a certain feeling, and affect your mood and thoughts. Lighter colors can make a room feel larger and brighter, and darker colors can make the room feel cozy, sophisticated, and intimate. Color is powerful! 

Colors affect different people differently, however, certain colors and color groupings are known for having specific effects on people. Our team at Basement Finishing Colorado believes that choosing paint colors wisely can help you create the basement living room of your dreams! Read on to understand how various colors will affect the mood of your basement living room.

Bold Reds

Want to make a strong impression and raise the energy level of your basement living room? Red is your color. Red can actually physically raise a person’s blood pressure and increase respiration and heart rate. The most intense of all colors, red creates feelings of excitement and can stimulate conversation. Consider using red on an accent wall for an exciting pop of color.

Lively Oranges

Like our red color group, variations of orange can also evoke enthusiasm and high energy. While orange is not a common choice for a living room space, it can be an enlivening accent color in your basement living room.

Happy Yellows

Yellow is, perhaps, the happiest of all of the paint colors. When used as an accent, it can invoke feelings of exuberant joy! Yellows can also make small basement living room spaces feel larger and more inviting when used as an accent color. As happy as yellow can be, be aware that it can actually create feelings of frustration and anger when used as the main color scheme. Studies have even shown that babies may cry more in yellow rooms. When used wisely, however, yellow can create positive and uplifting feelings.

Tranquil Greens

Shades of green are the most tranquil and restful of all paint colors. Greens are easy on the eyes and can help you unwind after a long day by relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Green creates feelings of comfort and can promote a feeling of togetherness for everyone in the room.

Serene Blues

Like greens, blue tones promote relaxation and calm. Blue tones are believed to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, while easing respiration. To encourage relaxation in your basement living room, opt for soft or brighter blues tones as your main color scheme. Darker blues can create feelings of sadness when used as the main color scheme, and should be reserved as an accent color.

Luxurious Purples

Lighter shades of purple, like lavender, can have the same calming effect as blue—but with more warmth and depth. These purples promote rest and a peaceful feeling. Darker purples like eggplant are both elegant and bold. They create a sophisticated and dramatic effect in a room and can promote creativity for those in the room. Darker purples make a rich, luxurious color for accent walls.

Grounding Whites, Blacks, Grays, & Browns

These neutral tones can give support and depth to the other colors you have chosen. The use of white paints can make your basement living room feel larger and more open, while an additional colored accent wall can create the mood you’re seeking to create. Black paint makes a valuable accent and can have a grounding effect in your color scheme. Grays and browns are also grounding and can be used to create a sense of calm in your basement living room. 

Give us a Call

Allow these basic color mood guidelines to provide a starting point in choosing the color scheme for your basement living room! Your color selections are a very personal choice, and our team at Basement Finishing Colorado encourages you to choose paint colors that best suit your personality! Contact us today at (303) 697-1702 or online

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