How to Optimize the Space of Your Small Basement

Does your basement feel cramped, dark, or outdated? These are common issues in basement spaces that can be easily transformed with a few space-maximizing tricks of the trade. Our team at Basement Finishing Colorado would like to offer you a variety of ways to optimize the space of a small basement. It’s all in the details! We can help you turn a small, drab space into the gorgeous finished basement of your dreams!

1. Add Recessed Lighting

The feel of your basement space can change dramatically with the right lighting. If you currently have low-hanging lighting throughout the basement, consider removing those light fixtures and replacing them with recessed lighting. Recessed lighting will make your ceiling feel higher and make the room feel bigger and more open. Wall-mounted lighting is an additional option to consider in a small space, because it won’t take up valuable head or floor space.

2. Keep Colors Light & Bright

Pay attention to the color of your walls, floors, or carpeting. Lighter and brighter colors, along with natural-colored hardwood or concrete flooring can open up a space and create a bright, airy feeling in the room. Use fun-colored rugs to break up the floor space and make the space feel big and cozy. If you have structural poles taking up precious space in your basement, consider painting them the same color as the walls to help them blend in.

3. Create Vertical Lines

Adding vertical lines to your basement space can create the illusion of height. You can create vertical lines by adding wainscoting or paneling to the walls.

4. Use Your Windows & Mirrors

Of course, the more natural light you can allow into the space, the better. Keep windows uncovered or choose window treatments that bring in the maximum amount of light. It is also possible to have your small basement windows enlarged. Even enlarging them by a few inches will make a huge difference in the feel of your space. Adding large mirrors to the space will further reflect the natural light coming in, making your space feel bigger and more open.

5. Consider Industrial-Style Ceilings

For low ceilings, consider an industrial look by keeping the ceiling structure open—with exposed rafters, beams, and ductwork. Create the illusion of height by painting the ceiling and all of these exposed pieces black.

6. Install Sliding Doors

Sliding barn doors are a wonderful way to optimize a small space while creating visual interest. Because they slide against the wall rather than opening up into your limited space, these are a great option for maximizing the space in a room.

7. Store It Under The Stairs

Building custom shelving-units under the stairs is a cost-effective way to optimize your basement space. By adding simple shelving, you can take this often unused space under the basement steps and make it work for you. By storing minimally used items here, there will be more space to move and live in your basement.

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By implementing some of these ideas to optimize the space of a small basement, you can turn even the smallest basement into a beautiful, functional living space. Call Basement Finishing Colorado at (303) 697-1702 today to discuss your basement finishing options—or contact us online for your free consultation!

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