Is DIY Basement Finishing a Good Idea?

If you’re like most homeowners, you want only the highest quality work done on your home for the least amount of money. Who doesn’t want to save a buck? For this reason, some people choose DIY finishing projects for their basement. By doing the work themselves, some homeowners aim to save money. We’ve all heard stories of DIY home disasters, however, which may leave you wondering—is DIY basement finishing a good idea? Our team at Basement Finishing Colorado wants to give you the scoop on DIY basement finishing projects so you can make an informed decision when it’s time to plan your project!

Your Time is Precious

One of the main reasons a homeowner would hire a company to finish their basement is time. It will take a homeowner an average of two years to complete a basement finishing project on their own. Some of these homeowners lose steam halfway through the project and have to abandon it, leaving the basement messy, unfinished, and unsafe. Depending on the size of the project, professional basement finishers will get the job done in a matter of weeks. This allows you to begin enjoying the restful basement oasis of your dreams much sooner!

Safety First

Basement finishing work requires specific permits, which many homeowners find difficult to obtain. This process can require a lot of legwork and dealing with some red tape. For professional basement finishers, obtaining these permits is a breeze. It’s what we do! Finishing your basement in a way that meets building regulations and codes

ensures your basement will be structurally sound and safe. Many homeowners who choose DIY basement finishing projects actually end up causing structural damage to their homes. Along with this, the way things are built may affect furnace efficiency and increase the risk of fire.

Working Without a Permit

Some homeowners may be tempted to begin and even complete their basement finishing project without a permit because they think this will save them money. The thought is that if they forgo the necessary permits, they will stay under the radar with the county regarding tax assessments, which will keep their taxes lower. Sometimes, homeowners even try to get away with creating a bedroom in their basement without a window, which is against code. When homeowners choose to work without the proper permits, a future home-buyer (or anyone who has a concern) can file liability issues against the homeowner who had work done or who did the work themselves without the proper permits. 

Needless to say, unpermitted basement finishing work is sure to get a homeowner into a lot of hot water! Acquiring permits actually protects the homeowner, providing proof that they took all of the necessary steps and guaranteeing that the basement updates are up to code, county or city approved and done safely! Taking the time to get permits will keep you out of legal trouble in the long run, and will make sure your basement is safely finished. Basement Finishing Colorado wants to stress the importance of getting the right permits!

Cosmetics Matter

While some homeowners don’t mind a DIY look to their finished basement, most opt for professional basement finishing for a clean, professional appearance. Professionals are experts at making your basement look a million bucks, without costing you a million bucks!

Protection For Your Investment

By choosing professional basement finishing, you are protecting the investment in your basement and in your entire home. Professional work that meets building codes is structurally sound, and is visually beautiful will add value to your home

and guarantee greater returns when it’s time to sell your home.

Get Your Free Consultation Today!

Choosing between professional and DIY basement finishing can be tricky—our team at Basement Finishing Colorado wants to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Call today to speak with a basement finishing expert at (303) 697-1702 or get your free consultation online!

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