Wet Bar vs Dry Bar: What is the Difference?

Finished basements are the best place in the house for entertaining, and nothing gets a party going like a basement bar. You may be considering finishing your basement with a bar, but you’re not sure whether to choose a wet bar vs dry bar. Basement Finishing Colorado is here to help you explore your options and choose the bar set-up that’s right for you.


Both a wet and a dry bar are excellent options for entertaining guests at home. Both options create a designated area within your finished basement that is set up with a large counter and cabinetry, or other storage options. A basement bar makes it easy to store, prepare, and serve drinks of all types while entertaining. Generally a wet bar has a sink and running water where the host or bartender can wash their hands and utensils. A dry bar, on the other hand, doesn’t contain a sink ,but provides a designated place where drinks can be prepared. So, the main difference between a wet bar and a dry bar is simply a matter of plumbing. There are various reasons why a homeowner may choose a wet bar over a dry bar and vice versa. Here are some things to consider:


Often, a homeowner will choose to install a wet bar because plumbing is easily accessible to the bar area in the basement. While new plumbing can be installed or routed, some homeowners without water access to the bar area of the basement will choose a dry bar in order to keep the project simple and cost-efficient. 


Finished basements make wonderful spaces for parties and entertaining, but they are usually not close to the kitchen. In this case, a wet bar may be the best choice, as access to water may be needed for rinsing glasses or cleaning out a blender or other drink mixing tools. A dishwasher makes a great addition to a wet bar for added convenience. Balancing glasses and walking upstairs to the main kitchen can be tricky, and may cause you to miss out on the party! A wet bar can make it possible to be more present with your guests, to prepare more complex drinks, and to keep the bar clean and organized.  


A dry bar is often the more affordable option, and can be much easier to set up. Because dry bars do not require plumbing work, set up is a cinch! Pair your dry bar with a well-stocked liquor cabinet, and you’re ready to party!

When considering a wet bar vs dry bar, both have their advantages, and can be excellent options for entertaining in your finished basement. Our team at Basement Finishing Colorado wants to help you understand your options so you can make the best choice for your home. Give us a call at (303) 697-1702 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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