5 Great Design Ideas for Low Basement Ceilings

Where other basement finishing companies may see a problem, Basement Finishing Colorado sees an opportunity for innovative finishing design. Many basements present the challenge of low ceilings, and our team has a variety of creative ideas on how to work with low basement ceilings. With a combination of thoughtful renovation and decorating, you can make a low-ceiling basement feel bright, open, and wonderfully spacious. Read on for 5 great design ideas for your low basement ceiling.

1. Minimize or Eliminate the Subfloor

Not all types of basement flooring require a subfloor. If you can minimize or eliminate the subfloor, this will maximize a low ceiling by providing an extra inch or two of space. With a concrete subfloor, several types of flooring can be used to provide an attractive space in your basement. Some kinds of flooring can be installed without a subfloor, including engineered wood, painted concrete, and ceramic tile. In order to maintain an open feeling in your low-ceiling basement, avoid a plywood subfloor and choose one of the smooth, durable flooring options listed above. Choose solid colors or subtle patterns and stick with the same type of flooring throughout the space to make your basement feel more open.

2. Relocate Ductwork

Ductwork and pipes often run through basements, reducing the ceiling height. Ducts can be re-routed so that they run along the outside of the room, creating more available ceiling height. Shelving can be installed below the ducts—turning cramped edges of the room into space-saving storage.

3. Ceiling Design

The way a ceiling is designed can affect the feel of the entire basement. Consider using materials like wood paneling or drywall on your ceiling, or create a hip industrial look with exposed ductwork. While drop ceilings are a popular choice for higher ceilings, you will want to avoid this type of design in a low-ceiling basement, as it will make the room feel smaller. Painting your ceiling in light, neutral colors will make the room feel lighter and brighter. 

4. Decorate Horizontally

Horizontal objects and decorations will draw attention away from the low ceiling and make the room feel more open. Wallpaper or paint designs with horizontal stripes and accent lighting pointed horizontally will make the ceiling feel higher and the room more spacious. Avoid overhead lighting, which draws the eye toward the ceiling. Use fun lamps and elegant sconces instead.

5. Optimize Windows

In all basements, and especially in low-ceiling basements, it is important to optimize windows and let in as much natural light as possible. Make sure not to block windows with furniture or decor, and keep window treatments to a minimum. Position mirrors

to reflect and increase light from basement windows It is often possible to add additional windows and window wells. Adding extra windows and window wells makes a basement more attractive and livable by bringing in more sunlight. They also allow for more fresh air when opened. The more windows, the better!

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Each of these creative design ideas will come together to help make your low-ceiling basement space warm and inviting. Low basement ceilings can be tricky, but there are many ways to optimize your space and create a lower level that feels open and spacious. Reach out to Basement Finishing Colorado at (303) 697-1702 or contact us online today to get your free consultation!

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