5 Basement Family Room Ideas on a Budget

How can you make your basement family room a warm and inviting space when money is tight? We’d like to offer five fresh ideas for furnishing and decorating your newly finished space without breaking the bank:

1. For a bright and open look, paint the ceiling and walls white.

Using white paint on your walls and ceilings is a simple and affordable way to make your basement family room seem larger. The room will be brighter and feel more open and will make the fun colors in artwork and decor really pop.

2. For a warm and cozy feeling, paint the walls a dark and dramatic color.

Painting the walls a darker color is an easy way to create a cozy, warm feeling in your basement family room. If you and your family frequently enjoy movie nights, why not create a family room space designed for that purpose? A dark paint color, paired with heavy curtains to control unwanted light will set the mood for movie-watching. Add simple, dimmable mood lighting in the room to take your movie nights to the next level!

3. Add charm and save money by going vintage.

Instead of buying new furniture for your basement living room, save money, and add sophisticated charm to the space by repurposing old furniture. Hand-me-down sofas can be recovered and layered with pillows. Affordable vintage decor items can add visual interest and whimsy to the space. Replace cabinet knobs and handles with vintage pulls to create a more interesting piece of furniture. 

4. Make brick walls a fashion statement.

An exposed brick accent wall adds warmth and sophistication to a basement living room. While many people choose to drywall over brick walls, consider leaving a section of brick wall exposed. Skipping the drywall will not only save you money, but it will also add a bold, charming fashion statement to your basement living room.

5. Use wallpaper as a visual accent.

Traditionally, wallpaper has been used throughout the entirety of a room. Save money and add an exciting pop of color and visual interest by only wallpapering one wall, instead of four. We recommend choosing a focal accent wall to cover in textured wallpaper, then painting the other three walls white in order to maximize light.

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Even on a tight budget, there are many simple ways to transform your basement family room into your favorite spot in the house. For more information on transforming your basement, give Basement Finishing Colorado a call today at (303) 697-1702 or contact us online. We can’t wait to help you turn your lower level into the family room of your dreams!

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