5 Space-Saving Custom Basement Built-Ins

When it comes to space-saving custom built-ins, entertainment centers are a classic and wildly popular choice for basements. Not only do built-in entertainment centers create an attractive focal point for a basement gathering space, they also provide tons of storage via shelves and cabinets. Along with entertainment centers, our team at Basement Finishing Colorado has a plethora of other ideas for custom basement built-ins that can turn small, irregular spaces into smart storage areas. We want to help you squeeze every last inch of practical storage out of your basement space in a way that is both innovative and attractive. Read on for 5 ideas on space-saving custom basement built-ins.

1. Staircase Drawers or Open Shelving

A great space-saving trick is to use basement stairs as an opportunity to build in storage space. The area under your basement staircase, including the steps themselves, are full of space-saving storage potential and can consist of drawers, cabinets, or open shelving.

2. Pullout Steps

Another innovative idea that makes use of your basement stairs is pullout steps. It is possible to make the actual steps in your staircase into pull-out drawers. Install a smooth-sliding drawer into every step, or just a few near the bottom—and store shoes or games for easy access.

3. Built-In Bunk Beds

One way to save space while providing a comfy sleeping area for kids or overnight guests is to create custom built-in bunk beds. Many homeowners reserve an entire wall of their basement for child or adult-sized bunk beds, complete with custom shelving and drawers beneath the beds. This arrangement is fun and attractive for kids and adults alike—and provides plenty of space-saving storage for small areas. 

4. Smart Bathroom Storage

If you have a bathroom in your basement, consider built-in cabinetry. Built-in storage can also be arranged behind a free-standing bathtub, making use of basement bathroom areas typically considered dead space. Store everything you need for the perfect bath experience using attractive custom built-in storage spaces.

5. Bench Seat Storage

Consider a comfortable bench seat in any area of the basement where there is unused space. A bench seat can be built with space for your favorite books just below. Install doors on the bench or show off your favorite novels with open storage.

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